Very briefly, 12 people came for the first meeting, which represents about 25% of the people on the mailing list. I had some apologies from a few others who couldn't make it. We spent some time introducing ourselves to each other, quite a few people were from the university, but their were some non-university people their as well. A fairly wide range of abilities was represented.

We spent some time discussing the times and nature of meetings we would like to see the LUG organize (see above), other than normal meetings, ideas such as workshop sessions, installfests etc were mentioned. One specific proposal came from Clive De Salis, who would like to organize basic computer literacy workshops using redundant equipment for the unemployed etc. Of course we would use Linux on these machines.

Nick Murphy offered to design some logos for SBLUG (see below)

James Drever offered to arrange the next meeting.

Birmingham Linux expo was discussed, with regard to the SBLUG recruitment stand. (see below)