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Birmingham LUG Meetings are now held on the third Tuesday of the month at the Bull in Price Street B4 6JU starting at 19:30. Watch the mailing list for details of the next meeting.

For the November 21st 2017 meeting Nick Morrott will be talking to us about the i3 tiling window manager i3wm. This will be a good opportunity to learn about tiling window managers generally as well as i3. It will also cover how it complements terminal multiplexers such as tmux and screen.

This website is not always kept up to date. If in doubt check the mailing list, or drop a post onto the mailing list.

Meeting Venue

November 21 2017 meeting The Bull, Price Street, Birmingham B4 6JU at 19:30. http://www.thebull-pricestreet.com/

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Past Meetings

The archive of previous meetings has not been updated for a few years. You can see old meetings using the link below.

Please see our meetings archive for all past meetings.


Our meetings are sometimes broadcast live on the internet. When they are, the broadcast will be found at the address below.


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