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What is Birmingham LUG?

Birmingham Linux User Group (LUG) is loose gathering of professionals, private individuals, students and other interested people who use (or want to use) the Linux operating system and free/open source software.

Birmingham LUG is free to attend and there are no subscription fees. If you follow on to the pub then you have to buy your own beer.

Where is Birmingham?

In the West Midlands, an important part of the UK. For Alabama you want BALU

S is for Software

As far as we know, this is the only Linux User Group in Birmingham, and the only group that has ever really existed. Birmingham Linux User Group is also called SBLUG for arbitrary historical reasons. At your option, the S can stand for South, Solihull, or Sandwell. Wherever you are from, you very welcome indeed!

I am new to all this and I feel too intimidated to get involved.

Do not worry, we do not bite. We try to be very friendly and welcoming to newcomers. At the moment we do not have a permanent location for meetings. Check the mailing list for details.

Okay, how do I join?

Just sign up for the mailing list or turn up for a meeting. It's as simple as that. There is no membership fee.

Some sad news

One of the founder members of the Birmingham LUG, John Pinner, died on February 26 from cancer. Any of you who attended any LUG meetings will know John. He was an inspiration to us all and I find it hard to imagine a world without John. More information here http://pyconuk.net/InMemoriam